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We’re getting there! When building the radio network, we need to make sure that everything works to the best of its ability. This is where you come in! Join the family of radios and help kickstart our brand.

Join the Pulse family!

Fill in our family form and someone from our team will do some digging. Will it be possible? Will it work? Is it needed? We will do all the research and design templates to show what it will look like if the station did happen.

If you’re a student, we will contact the campus. We’ll then tell the head of the higher education campus that someone is interested in starting a radio station on the college or university site. We’ll also send you a petition form to take around the campus. Aim to collect as many signitures as you can, as the more you collect will help us persuede the staff more!

If you run the campus, we’ll get back in contact with you personally! We will go around your campus and see what people say about the idea and see if it is viable for you to run on the site. From there, we will work with you to kickstart your BRAND NEW RADIO!

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